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We love hearing from our customers. They come from all over the globe in a wide variety of fields. Here are some of the things they are saying.
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Quotes are used with permission from the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.
"Thank you Watchflag! I have never had a better experience with after-purchase product support. You stayed with me until the issue was resolved. Now I can go back to being alerted when a priority comes up!"
— Chris - Server Operations Supervisor - Needham, MA
"I wish to express my thanks to Watchflag. For the first time since purchasing my Smartphone, I have been able to rest at night without the constant annoyance of email arrival notifications."
— Kelly - IT Operations Manager (banking industry)
"Love it! Love it! Love it! I was once a [non Windows Mobile device] phone user for the simple fact of needing different alerts for different emails. Now with Watchflag I can alert on everything I need to get alerted on. No more missed pages and extended outages. Watchflag is a must-have for any system administrator with alerting needs!"
— Brad - Systems\Network Administrator - W3i Holdings, LLC
"I've come to consider Watchflag the number one app on my phone. I can tell who is emailing or texting me and from what accounts - all without having to even look at my phone!"
— Mike - Network Technician - Lamm Technical Resources, LLC.
"I like Watchflag very much. It has proved reliable and your support, both to resolve issues and to consider future enhancements, has been excellent."
— Andrew - VP WW Service and Support - Spectra Logic Corporation
"Watchflag has been a lifesaver. The search & rescue organization I am part of uses the same paging system to send priority-1 emergency mission callouts as well as info about bake sales. Before Watchflag I would never know what a page was about."
— Hyer - Greater Seattle Area
"This is THE PROGRAM I have been needing since coming to the WM platform a year and a half ago. I have numerous subfolders in Exchange/Outlook and have not been able to get notifications for all of the subfolder messages. WOW! It works flawlessly!"
— David - Software Engineering Consultant (financial sector)
"That did the trick! Thanks for your perseverance in solving my problem. Many software companies would have just given up."
— Dennis - Information Security Manager - ESL Federal Credit Union
"My folks and I run a 24/7 payment gateway and require to be awakened or interrupted as critical issues occur. I downloaded and tried your product this past weekend. After validating it very quickly, moved my development folks off of [a competitor product] and directly to ActiveSync. I will be recommending your product to other folks in my organization."
— Rob - Director of Hosted Solutions - VeriFone Inc.
"Watchflag is certainly a tool we will be looking at [again for our upcoming project]. In our team's post mortem, it was one of the 'things that went well'. I look forward to continuing to use your products in the future."
— Doug - Development Manager - Electronic Arts Inc.
"This is exactly what I needed to avoid a company issued [non Windows Mobile device] and being that guy with way too much technology on his belt. I'm very interested in seeing where this software goes. I was so impressed that I forwarded it on to some support people [at a major carrier] since they get a number of calls requesting this sort of functionality."
— Tim - Test Lab Infrastructure Manager (network technology)
"I've been using Watchflag for a few months now. I rely on it to address critical database alerts and it works like a charm. I recommend this tool!"
— Germán - Oracle DBA - Vangent Argentina
"We were looking for an application that would give our smartphones the recurring alert capability of our pagers. Without [this capability], alerts were being missed. Watchflag fit the bill exactly and even allows more granular alerting capabilities based on messages. Solid application!"
— [name withheld by request] - Director of IT (banking industry)
"I work on a team which rotates on-call. A few days prior to a rotation I switched from a [non Windows Mobile device] to a Windows Mobile-based phone assuming that I could set up the same granularity for e-mail filtering. I was dead wrong and scrambled for a solution. I found Watchflag and now I'm golden. The feature set is superior and the support is stellar. Thank you Watchflag!"
— Chris Henry - Systems Administrator - Seattle, WA
"I have become so used to your program after only a few days that I would be lost without it! Once again, thanks!"
— Chris G - IS Project Manager - Arizona
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