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Watchflag® is software that provides flexible rule-based alerts for new email and text messages on your Windows Mobile device. Define your own rules based on sender, subject and much more. And Watchflag works with all synchronized email folders.
On-call, or receive lots of messages? Watchflag can help! Watchflag will play distinct tones, vibrate, flash the LED and display a colorized acknowledgement screen for direct access to new mail.
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Watchflag is designed to work on pocket pc and smartphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 (standard, classic and professional) using Pocket Outlook Mobile Messaging.
Here's a sampling of devices our customers use (obtained from the actual oem info provided during license registrations):
asustek asus p535
dell axim x51v
hp ipaq business navigator
hp ipaq mobile messenger
htc advantage x7500 athena ameo
htc artemis xda orbit p3300
htc excalibur S620 S621 dash
htc herald wing p4350 p4351
htc imagio xv6975
htc libra s720 smt5800
htc snap s521
htc titan mogul xv6800 p4000
htc touch 3g jade t3232
htc touch cruise polaris p3650
htc touch diamond p3700 diam500
htc touch diamond2 t5353
htc touch elf p3450
htc touch hd pro t8282 t7272 t7373
htc touch ii dual nike niki p5500
htc touch pro raphael fuze p4600
htc tytn hermes p4500
htc tytn ii kaiser tilt p4550
htc vogue touch xv6900 p3050
htc vox s710
htc wings s730
lg incite ct810
motorola q (moto q) norman 9c 9m
palm treo 500
palm treo 700w
palm treo 750
palm treo pro 850 850e
pantech duo c810
samsung sch-i760
samsung sch-i900 sch-i910 omnia
samsung sch-i770 saga
samsung sgh-i600
samsung sgh-i617 607 616 blackjack
samsung sgh-i637 jack
samsung sgh-i780
samsung sgh-i907 epix
samsung sph-i3325 ace
sonyericsson xperia x1i
toshiba x01t
Our Latest Release
Due to the release of Windows Phone, we've temporarily suspended development of Watchflag. We continue to support new and existing customers who use Watchflag on Windows Mobile.

We've had dozens of requests to port Watchflag to other platforms including Windows Phone, Android and iPhone. As users of Watchflag ourselves, we want this too! But Watchflag in its current form depends heavily on certain low-level features in Windows Mobile. Sadly, we've found that these new platforms expose only a limited set of capabilities to developers. Because of this, Watchflag as we know it is difficult or impossible to port. We have some cool ideas to get around these limitations and hope to launch a Watchflag successor soon!

Want to try something completely different? Check out what our friends at Daypeg are up to. Think social calendar, date-based twitter, multifeed, recurrence, parodic holidays, etc. They're still in the very early stages, but a cool mobile app is sure to follow. :)
  • using "view message" on the ack screen now marks text messages as read to prevent repeat alerts
  • some devices such as the Samsung Jack do not consistently run compressed versions of our executables. compression has been removed
  • notification icons for new messages! (ppc only)
  • a new setting changes the ack screen row height
  • internal restructuring to improve app initialization
  • fixed issue with subfolder messages on ack screen not being removed when viewed
  • fixed double titlebar on smartphones
  • an activity tracking setting was added; it is off by default and may cause issues on some devices. when active, an alert that does not use the ack screen can be stopped early by user activity
  • registered users should no longer need to re-register when upgrading versions of Watchflag
  • additional fixes and cleanup are also included
fix for an instability bug in 1.2.13
two of our most requested features are here!
  • exporting and importing of rules is now available on the new 'tools' screen. use this to backup your rules or share them with co-workers
  • the ack screen will no longer display when the 'ack screen' option is unchecked (previously it would display for the duration of the alert)
  • additional fixes and enhancements:
    • improved control for choosing alert sound
    • added tool for deleting all defined rules
    • added 'view message' button to ack screen
    • increased height of rows on ack screen
    • save power on ack screen for non-repeat alerts
    • fix for time ranges that include midnight
    • fix for issue involving initial font size
  • we've increased the available indexes on the options screen for controlling vibrate and LED notifications
  • a problem with folder processing was addressed that caused alerts to not occur on some devices
  • rules can now be assigned to specific days of the week! before, you could only choose between everyday and weekdays. now, choose any combination of sunday to saturday
  • a new in-call mode will be used if an alert is triggered while a voice call is in progress. this prevents vibrate from interfering with your conversation. it can be overridden using 'always alert'
  • registered users can now stay up to date with the latest releases of Watchflag. this new feature will periodically notify you if a new version is available or you can check using the 'updates' item on the menu
  • minor revision to 1.2.9 to force registration of 1.2.8 users (necessary for updates)
  • new in this release is the ability to automatically mark incoming messages as read. learn more about it!
  • fix for Watchflag not properly detecting the meeting and ringer off profiles on some devices
  • fix to the registration process for a user in Argentina
  • we've added a testimonials page! want to contribute?
  • when selecting ignore profile, rules can now choose between 'always alert' or 'classic mode'. for important rules that should always trigger sound and vibration, choose 'always alert'. to maintain functionality from previous Watchflag versions, choose 'classic mode'. for details, check out volume and ignore profile
  • more improvements to font handling including better use of font settings by interface controls
  • fix for an issue causing new trials to expire prematurely
  • we've added a new search field for matching the name of the folder or subfolder a message is in
  • the ack screen now allows you to view a message by double-clicking or pressing enter. after reading, you'll return to the ack screen minus the read message
  • font size can now be chosen from the options screen (6 presets plus an automatic setting)
  • volume can now be specified from 10 levels
  • LED alerts have been improved on some devices
  • the advanced menu has been removed
  • we've also made more improvements to our help page
  • time-based rules! rules can now be configured to apply only during specified hours, or days of the week
  • new non-alerting rules can be created to define times when no alerts will trigger or to prevent alerts for messages matching specific criteria
  • rules can now match on recipient (ie, the 'to:' field). this can be used to ignore mail from distribution lists!
  • the ack screen will now show a snippet of the message body if the subject is empty (especially useful for sms text messages)
  • licensing has dramatically changed to enable us to better handle bulk orders
  • lots of other issues have been addressed including fixes for sound in standby mode and issues with Watchflag deactivating plus many user interface improvements
  • current 1.1.x license owners: visit our confirmation code lookup page for information on a free upgrade
  • this is a patch release primarily for wm6+ to address issues with device volume settings and rules using the ignore-profiles option. the new logic is to not play sounds when the ringer volume is all the way down or if the device is in vibrate or off modes. If a rule is set to ignore-profile, it will still play sound with the ringer down. Volume levels are based on the setting in Watchflag regardless of the volume sliders:
    ignore profile
    sound vibrate sound vibrate
    on x x x x
    system volume
    down all the way
    x x x x
    ringer volume down all
    the way ("silent mode")
      x x x
    vibrate ("meeting mode")   x   x
    off ("ringer off")        
  • this is a minor bug fix release to address a couple issues triggering wm errors on various devices
  • match on message content! rules can now include criteria that is compared against the body of the emails received, for example "party#baseball" will match messages with the words party or baseball
  • this release includes two important bug fixes:
    • we corrected an issue where rarely the ack screen could display and stop alerting for new messages
    • also fixed is an issue that caused some devices to trigger a windows error report when alerting
  • a significant improvement has been made to how watchflag remembers previously alerted messages
  • an issue has been fixed that caused the ack screen to remain visible when not configured to do so
  • we've added support for MoDaCo AppToDate, a free software update client to help you keep current with the latest releases of your favorite mobile apps
  • each rule can now be set to ignore the phone's profile and alert anyways. this means you can be in silent or meeting mode but still receive critical alerts
  • a new option allows alerts to be disabled while the device is cradled (docked)
  • (6b) corrected issue with sounds playing in silent mode
  • messages on the acknowledgement screen can now display in a color corresponding with the rule matched
  • additional audio files are now available. all files of type mp3, wma, wav and mid are now pulled from \Windows, \My Music and \My Ringtones.
  • a threading issue has been corrected that could cause alerts to temporarily stop triggering
  • additional improvements to decrease power usage
  • it may look the same, but watchflag has been torn apart and rebuilt for upcoming functionality. if you experience problems, please let us know
  • subfolder monitoring has improved to eliminate watchsubs and greatly reduce power drain
  • logic for processing new messages and performing alerts has been completely redesigned
  • issues with vibrate not stopping have been fixed
  • many user requests have been added:
    • don't play sound or vibrate in 'silent' mode
    • don't play sound when in 'meeting' mode
    • 'acknowledge', 'repeat' checkboxes synch'd
    • can configure led/vibrate device indexes (ppc)
    • double-click can preview alert sounds (ppc)
    • added repeat rates of 5, 10, 15 seconds
    • added \windows\*.mid to list of sound files
  • watchsubs 'add to startup' has been implemented so it'll start after a soft reset
  • can now deactivate all notifications and they won't reactivate next time you launch the app
  • can now delete the most recent message without retriggering alerts about unread messages
  • changed the opening screen to tell status of watchflag, watchsubs and total rules
  • rules that specify a message store will now properly alert for messages in a subfolder
  • several other minor fixes and cleanup
  • improved support for wm6 pro: led and vibration capabilities, wake up after phone goes idle
  • added repeat rates of 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60 min
  • ignore folders with names containing 'deleted', 'drafts', 'trash', 'sent items', 'outbox'
  • watchsubs now checks every 20 seconds
  • added watchsubs activity screen
  • process all mail folders not just inbox subfolders
  • can now handle multiple folders with the same name
  • shows name of msgstore if mailbox is named 'inbox'
  • allow user to set how long vibration alerts vibrate
  • added ability to define multiple "or" separated values in from, subject criteria (john#jane#bob)
  • improve pop3 handling in cases where batches of mail come down most-recent first
  • remove crash causing appdata/volatile folders
  • fixed interface dimensions of alert list on wm6
  • fixed issue with moving rules up or down on wm6
  • fixed instructions disappearing on move rules screen
  • updates for better support of wm6 classic and pro
  • initial release of watchsubs companion application
  • changed the menu structure and added settings
  • added diagnostics 'test-mode' feature
  • allow individual rules to be set to repeat
  • setting to control volume for sound alerts
  • new feature to repeat missed notifications
  • menu item to quickly turn rules on and off
  • fixed high-importance rules misfiring for pop/imap
  • improved support for lower screen resolutions
  • bug fix: string processing when saving rules
  • bug fix: maintaining acknowledgement screen
  • added mp3 and wma sound support
  • initial product introduced
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